infused liquors

For Christmas this year, I went crafty. Craftier than usual. Maybe it was the alcohol that got my creative juices flowing.

We made infused liquors as gifts for friends and family members, a treat which can be enjoyed for weeks (or months, if it lasts that long) to come. And a little recipe book that provides ideas for using the seasonal spirits. Here's how you can make it for someone special in your life.

First, choose your liquors and flavors. I chose tart, cherry-red cranberries for vodka; fresh, piney rosemary for gin; and spicy cinnamon sticks for rum. We infused the gin and vodka in their original bottles, but put the rum straight in their gift jars with the cinnamon sticks, since they don't degrade as easily as the fresh ingredients.

A week before you are ready to give the gift, combine ample amounts of liquor and the add-ins to air-tight, clean jars. Gently swirl the jars a couple of times a day. In a couple of days, the liquors will begin to take on the color of their bottle buddies. 

When the liquor is ready for packaging, start with freshly cleaned (preferable classy or cute) jars. I chose ones with a nice square shape and a pretty cork. Make sure that your jars can be sealed tightly.

Add fresh ingredients (in this case, rosemary and cranberries) to the gift jars. After removing the older ingredients from the original bottles, slowly pour the infused liquors through a sieve and funnel into the gift bottles. This will help the gifts to look nice and fresh for the lucky gift-getters.

Seal tightly and tuck into cute baskets with raffia, ribbon and a note. I also made little drink books to go along with the treats.  

Merry Christmas!


  1. These are awesome!! What a great idea! I may have to give this a try. 8)

  2. Thanks, Ali! It was fun to make. Will you be giving it a try soon?

  3. Hello, just wondering if you could tell me where you got your bottles?? Thank you!