snacking is hard in a cube...

note to self: do not bring celery as a snack on the first day with coworkers in a quiet cube space.


  1. Haha! I have an office that I share with 2 other doctor's, and they have finally gotten used to my loud celery crunches. Although, I try to keep it to a minimum when someone is on the phone :-)

  2. okay, I don't have any good lunch tips, as I usually munch triscuits at my computer, BUT, I have to pass this tasty treat along!

    At Kroger, in the bacon and sausage section, I spied an unusual item, and as my life is typically pretty boring, I like to try new foods. Anything international especially excites me, since I don't get to travel too much. So, I purchased some R.J. Balson and Son BANGERS from England- can you believe the name? But guess what, they are pork sausages without additives or nitrates, and they were the bomb on the grill! Incredible flavor, dare I say better than Milwaukee brats? The butchers hand-make them, and have since 1535! So, if you see them, you might like to try them too!